Trying to compare two list and match up their value to get index

I’m trying to bring some template changes from Excel back into Revit, some templates have been purged and I have two unequal lists which are also in different order. I’m trying to match up the other of the Excel list to the model and get the index so I can then use GetItematIndex to pull the other values. I just can’t seem to get the indexes no matter what I find and try

Hello …when you compare the objects have to be same objecttype…

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Thanks you! I thought it might have had to do with the object types being different - I also didn’t know how to change it!

That seems to work for me, however my list reduces by 1? I’m not sure what is happening or what dropped of the list. It won’t let me then sort my list into the correct order (I may be using the wrong nodes here)

I ended up manually renaming the templates yesterday but I do want to still get this script to work as it will come in handy in the future