Combining Start and Endpoints of Curves into a list?

I am getting the outlines of curtain panels and I would like to put a two-point adaptive component on each curve. I can get the endpoints of the curves as shown:

I would like to combine the endpoints into a list for each curve with each sub-list having [0] startpoint and [1] endpoint like this:
2016-04-07 03_48_23-Dynamo

etc. How to combine the endpoint into such a list?

That’s probably a lot easier to do in the 1.0 dailies but in the mean time you can try one of the below methods:


Is it important for you that the grouping pr curtain panel is upheld? (Ie if the curtain panels have varying number of corners?)If not, this will probably suffice:

Another subtly different approach …

Mr. Olsten’s method works well and feeds into AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints .

The others are very clever, but just need to drop down one sublist to feed AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints and a two-point component.

And ideas how to remove duplicates, including if the start point and endpoint are reversed?


The others would probably work too, if you do one of the following…

  1. Change the lacing on AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints to Longest

  2. Flatten with amount set to 1 (and then feed the list to AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints with lacing set to Shortest)