AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints extension problem

In this case, @ lkichenin telled me can chop the list that let the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints node work.

Now I know the AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints node need two points to work.

So I chop it and ran the code.
But I get te bad result. Handrails are not continuous

I found that the use List.Chop node.
Although the list is split, there is no connection between the head and the tail points.
For example, the first of the array must be at the end of the first group and at the beginning of the second group.

I want to ask if there are other methods?
And I am trying to write python but I am a beginner, the code also can’t work.

Error information pls!:slight_smile:

after “if” needs to be a “else: pass”
…do something…

look at this link for working with lists:
Slicing fetches sections is useful for your needs:

here is a slicing example:

the error is “Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 43, in
IndexError: index out of range: 0”

I want to do this

like this?

Instead of finding your points to chop your points and having to shift the list, why not make a Polycurve.ByPoints then use Geometry.Explode to get the individual lines, and finally a Curve.PointAtParameter with parameters of [0,1]?

Result would be a list of every start point and endpoint for every curve segment.

I can’t understand use ‘Curve.PointAtParameter with parameters of [0,1]’.
Can you help me?

Set the lacing to ‘cross product.’ See the green groups in the graph posted below.

Also, you may want to think a bit bigger here. See the red groups in the graph posted below.

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Thanks~I will do my best!!!

@jacob.small , I I found an error situation.
Suppose there are two subarrays in an array.
The method of Curve.PointAtParameter will fail and the error is “The arguments have issues”.

Not an error situation at all. You decided to start processing a list instead of individually. Look into the list levels and lacing for your adaptive component.bypoints node.

@jacob.small But Curve.PointAtParameter output is Is not correct

@jacob.small, I succeeded.
Because of a missing flatten node. Thank you