Combine lines to find the endpoint

First, I want to combine two lines to be a spline.
Then, I want to find out the endpoint of each spline.
However,I cannot figure out the correct answer.
I would appreciate any advices, thank you.

I want to combine:
Line A+D > New Spline 1
Line B+E > New Spline 2
Line C+F > New Spline 3
Find out endpoints of each splines.

I want to use Line ABC Endpoint to match Line DEF Startpoint in order to combine two lines into one spline, but the answer is wrong.
Find out Spline endpoint.dyn (18.8 KB)

Hello @sb1102222 …not sure but could something work for you


Hi @sb1102222
First you can group conected Line then join each group to polyline (not spline)

secand get end point of each poly line
in which pakege you get this node?


Hi @RMohareb …this one is from archilab…but @Vikram_Subbaiah design script way is amazing :wink:


Thanks :ok_hand:

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Thank you so much, it works!