Lists Combined but not

Hi, All


I have 2 circles and would like to stitch a 4 point adaptive component between the circles. The approach was to divide each circle, get the xyz’s and match the appropriate xyz points between each circle to place a 4 point adaptive component. Here are the steps that work and the stopping point.


    1. Create 2 circles and divide each by xyz array 128 times. This generates xyz coordinates for 128 a points on each circle which is cast into a list.
    1. For the 4 point - AC i would like to take from curve-1 points 1 and 2 and match to curve-2 points 1 and 2...and continue: for curve-1 - take points 2 and 3 and match to curve-2 points 2 and 3.
    1. The curves are created and divided and xyz points cast into a list.
    1. From that list build a sub list that pairs the points, this correctly generates 128 paired points to each curve.
    1. Next step I would think is to combine the 2 list into 1 list matching the points to groups of 4.
    1. Join List fails, Combine List fails....


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



And this one worked as well, thanks Robert!

Got this one to work,Thanks Andreas!

Hi Greg,

Here is an alternate solution that should work in your case. Like Andreas, I also got rid of the list nodes in your definition, but if you leave them you can just up the flatten amount by 1.

Hi Greg,

using Combine is actually a good idea. You just need to use Transpose first:

EDIT: Just get rid of the List nodes in your definition - then it should work like in my screenshot.