Combine nested list with list

Hi everybody

This is probably an easy question for many of you… I have a nested lists of walls and a (not nested) list of numbers which I try to feed into an SetParameterByName node to set the top offset of each wall. I want the first number in the number list correspond to the first list of walls in the nested list, the second number correspond to the second list of walls and so on. How do I do that in Dynamo? I’m lost…



If you use list.takeeveryNthitem

than you can split the list with values…then you can combine them in separate lists and feed the element.setparameter

Using Design Script…



Got it! I didn’t quite understand how to use List.TakeeveryNthitem in this, but I did it with a python node. Actually I tried that earlier, but I had set the lacing wrong in the element.setparameter. Now it works.

Thank you anyway!