Combine Nested List Values based on identical Index

Hi, I have a half baked method for combining two sets of nested lists, but I don’t think its the right way to go about it. Image below is my two sample lists, and my outcome I’m looking for. (It’s pretty basic, but I can’t find the right info on Primer/Youtube/Google from what I have searched for)

Screen shot below is my current workflow I have put together to merge these lists together. It kinda works but I’m missing something that would make it easier


Two possible options come to mind:

Could also use List.AddItemToFront or List.AddItemToEnd

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I tried working with the List.Combine but never tried using List.Join like that I would have spent another 4hrs trying to get that.
Maybe we can get these basic snippets in the Dynamo samples/Primer. They have some but from what I reviewed working with nested list like this and the combine/Join not sample above would be great to include.


VikramI tried the Add to Front / Flatten method previously but I didn’t include the lacing which is why I moved to something else.
Your example works great to.

Thanks a lot!