List combine

I’m tying to wrap my head around the list combining capabilities of dynamo. I’m trying to achieve the following using a function in a code block without much luck. Any suggestions?



Hi Michael,

Though Dynamo doesn’t have good list patterning tools out of the box, you still have a couple of options. To do this “manually,” see this example file:

list patterns

Download: list patterns.dyn.

For a more scripted method, check out the Package (download from the Package Manager in Dynamo) “Zip Lists” which combines two lists in an every-other fashion. You could adapt it to take 3 lists.

Thanks Colin,

What I’m really looking for is a replace item at index node. Something where you give the list to be replaced, the indexes to be replaced and the new value in. I tried a go at modifying a python definition i found but i’m not getting it yet.


2014-10-21_1417Shoud be able to do this efficiently with an Insert node and a List.RemoveItemAtIndex


Michael - Did Zach’s solution work for you? Any thoughts on this method? thanks - Lilli

Thanks Zach,

That’s actually exactly what I was looking for.