Combine calculated value text parameter in schedule


I am creating a door schedule that include fire rating values. to avoid duplicating door families (same properties except fire rating value) to make fire rated type mark, I created it as an instance parameter and created a calculated value parameter for tagging based on it.
that’s the current result now

So in my schedule I have 2 columns (Type Parameter and Calculated value - text parameter)

I want to combine them into one new column. can anyone guide me to do it?

Hello @Na7as …welcome to our community! could try to join your values to an single line and the set the parameter…

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Thanks @sovitek!

I don’t need to create another parameter, Is there any way to make as a combined parameter with that calculated value parameter (FRxMark)?

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Hello…i dont talk about another parameter just feed your joined value into FRxMark parameter…

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I miss something here, how can I feed the joined value again to the FRxMark parameter (calculated value)?

I still don’t know how i can feed the joined value to the current parameter :frowning:

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aha its a calculated parameter you will write to…my bad…didnt read it right ;).is it the same parameter you get the value from? in that case you need a new one for the joined value…if you want you can share the file and i take a look…

If that’s going to be your Door Tag, then wouldn’t you need it to be a single shared parameter to tag anyway?

@Nick_Boyts …yeps :wink: