Adding more filters to sort schedules with Dynamo?

Does anyone have any tips or could please guide me in how to add more filters to an original Revit schedule?
Or maybe any other workarounds? I have a door schedule with around 20 shared parameters and the sorting by only 8 parameters is not sufficient…

Thanks in advance!

There’s a workaround described in this thread which concatenates a series of parameter values into a single parameter which can then be used to group and sort in Revit

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Thank you Thomas! Got it to work with the first one as it seems, but not sure why the Type parameters won’t show up, but only Instance parameters?

If they’re type parameters then you need first to get the type of the element before calling Element.GetParameterValueByName

Sweet! Thank you!
One question - why do we need the Format Number from Springnodes in this case? The value coming out of the Get Parameter Values should be a string already?

The format number was for an example using dimensions which are returned as doubles and I wanted them rounded to the nearest integer. If your data is not numeric then you can omit it

Thank you.
Whats a good way to combine the values from both the type and instance parameters into one list? I tried with List Combine, but it didnt work…

If have two sets of lists then you can use List.Join with List.Combine:

Perfect, thank you, that works…
For some reason it makes me ungroup doors that are within a group with other elements. This issue I would very much like to circumvent… Do you have any suggestions about this?

Which parameter are you writing the combined data to? In my example I used Comments which perhaps wasn’t the right one to use as an example because it is a builtin parameter that doesn’t allow the value to vary by group instance

If you create your own parameter, or have one that can be modified then try using Values can vary by group instance in the Parameter Properties. In this example I have created a parameter called TestParam and it seemed to work well

Hope this helps,

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Sweet, that works like a charm!
Maybe that’s a topic for another discussion, but wanted to check if you know how to make the script run automatically without having to run it every time I want it to update the changes in the schedules?

I loaded it into Dynamo Player, and that works pretty good, but maybe there is a way to fully integrate it so the parameters connect automatically?

That’s more involved and would mean working directly with the Revit API rather than through Dynamo. For example using the Dynamic Updater framework to detect changes to parameters: