Collect views and place them on a sheet

Hello, I am trying to creat a sheet with a pre-selected views but when I run the script all I

get is an empty sheet I can not find how to get the views appear on the layout
thank you
SHEETBYVIEWtest.dyn (165.6 KB)

Hello and welcome…have you tried lacing longest and give unique sheet numbers

Thank you for the reply same thing with empty layouts its creating the sheet but the views are not placed , can it be because of the views list output are var. not views ?

I mean something here…and if you dont see your view in the titleblock it is probably outside, then try to align after or adjust you titleblock position

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Unfotunatly there are no views, the script is generating the layouts but the views are missing , the last nodes want to see views and I am feeding a list , maybe I am missing something in between , sorry I am new to Dynamo Thank you

No worries we are all here for help each other :wink: …can you show your sheet nodes expended after run, or try a zoom extend in your titleblock for see the viewport is outside…

I have run and pinned the sheet it s creating the sheet in revit if I understand right

You still need unique sheet numbers

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My initial idea is to do a script that collect views from a list and put them on a sheet, infortunatly I still cannot get the view on the layout