Closing topics

I would prefer topics being closed 90 days after the last reply.


  • No resurfacing of posts from 2015
  • Shorter threads that don’t change the topic on a span of 5 years


  • Special threads might break. For example Camber feedback thread
  • Creating a new post means to describe the problem again and add links to old posts. (Extra work)

See the Go Discourse forum as reference.


fyi @solamour

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I like this idea - happy to implement or run a poll to see what everyone thinks :slight_smile:


Do your search on latest post,
or if needed move all topics older then… to the yet to be created archived category except the share category (worth keeping), i.o.w. limit the search. An extra button to search through the archive would complete it.

Posted Closing Stale Topics :muscle:

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Added my feedback to the other thread, but surfacing it here as well to illustrate the scope of the fragmentation this might lead to.

Can we get the search engine to return answers by thread with a solution and then sort by date for exemple?

Are solved, sorted newest to oldest: Search results for 'Duplicate view status:solved order:latest_topic' - Dynamo

Are unsolved, sorted newest to oldest: Search results for 'Duplicate view status:unsolved order:latest_topic' - Dynamo

The advanced settings allows that sort of feature, but it’s still a lot of content in each.

Reducing to search i only the title, we get 35 unsolved topics:

And 26 solved topics:

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