Splitting topics and locking is poorly administered

Can I suggest the following improvements to the community administrators:

Splitting topics:

  • Only split when a new question is added to a thread that isn’t relevant to the OP or after 1 month (some long period of time) of the previous post or where its completely different to the OP
  • Organised in chronological order
  • Add a reference in the OP so everyone knows where it was branched

Locking topics:

  • Done when a subject in discussion has been borne out. Just because a solution has been assigned, doesn’t mean its a forgone conclusion

For example, an interesting post on the Python IDE has now been bastardised as a result of splitting the thread and the comments don’t even follow chronological order. To make matter worse, its been locked and the thread hasn’t even reached its logical conclusion - now the thread is going to be fragmented more since the only option is to create a new post just to respond.
Its not the first time the community administrators have made a pigs ear of things or acted inconsistently; its about time some rule’s were hammered out.

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That whole Python IDE discussion was surely not exhausted. I can see at least few more people chiming in on that. I know people got this to work with Emacs and some other IDE’s. Why prevent them from having a chance to chime in.

We are all entitled to an opinion. I might not like the tone of it, but that’s not actionable per se. Leave it be please. No one is attacking anyone here. Again, @Thomas_Mahon makes a fair point. Let’s leave it at that.