Clash Points are not detected in their right place in the Revit model

Hi guys
I am inserting a clash point generic model in my Revit model to show the actual clash points I found in my coordination model in Naviswork. I ran my Navisworks model and found some clashes. I extracted the coordinate of clashes (x, y and z) from the clash report to use them to find those points in my Revit model.

The script could be run but clash points are not detected in Revit. The clash points detected in Revit are too far from the model. I am sure that it’s because of my Revit model.The coordinates are too big, (because the project base point coordinate is too big).

I attached some screenshots (first one: my clash points coordinates, the second one: my script, the third one: the project base point, and the fourth one: the project survey point


Could anybody give me solution for this issue? Thank you in advance

Coordinates in Revit are relative to the hard coded origin, which you can’t really see.

Find the distance from project base point in Navisworks (assuming this is what your Navisworks coordinates are based on) relative to the origin in Revit (the point at 0,0,0 ).

Then generate a vector from the Navisworks project base point to the Revit origin. Translate the point values by those vectors, and then create the clash points at these new locations.

Further to Jacob’s reply

It depends how you export the models from Revit in the first place.
The survey point doesn’t affect it

In the options dialog, & depending how your model is set up, you probably want to use ‘shared coordinates’ not ‘project internal’

If this does not work, then an alternate approach is to translate the model in Navisworks


Double check your units and transform in Navisworks. I had similar issues until I set the values for all files to 0’s.