Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread

Hello to everyone!
I did not find a post that described what needs to be posted, when I find bugs,
I attach two dwg, dyn, log and the video of the problem

20210403 - Создание таблиц Автокад.dwg (562.3 KB)
20210403 - Создание таблиц Автокад.dyn (36.9 KB)
Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.log.txt (189.4 KB)
dynamoLog_a76dca5a-89e4-4692-9763-acb6b1924192.txt (11.5 KB)

also all files at onedrive link!As1RLbbBpvmBjLN_prmDRNM9QwqJwQ?e=YzSsKg

Civil3dToolKit 1.1.22 Acad Table Issues with nodes

  • Table.ByPointData
    does not work slots “RowHeight”, “Column Width”
  • Table.AddColumns
    incorrect operation of the node as a whole

As a wish is possibility to set Cell alignment:

  • To Column
  • To Row
  • To cell directly

PS:I hope not to be included in the list of naughty

What is the cell alignment you wanted to use?

About cell alignment:
everything works correctly during table creation.
but after creation, I want to be able to separately manage the alignment in columns, rows and a single cell, as same as Manage “Table.SetColumnWidth” and “Table.SetRowHeight” nodes.

I record video of the work of the node “Table.ByPointData”
when creating a table, the ports “RowHeight”, “Column Width” do not matter, and you have to bypass using separate nodes to change the column width and row height.

The node “Table.AddColumns” also works incorrectly, produces an incorrect number of columns, and does not take into account the width of the columns

Hello everyone!
@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, where can I find the changelog?

keep track of the changes on GitHub


Hi, could you please look at this script? How to create a subassembly - #6 by Drbohlav I’m thinking of how to simplify this script and make a more elegant solution. What is your opinion? Do you have any suggestions?