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You need to convert the integers into string before passing them as new values Impossible d’effectuer un cast d’un objet de type ‘System.Int64’ en type ‘System.String’ or vice versa. for good measure I’ll take a look in the code, so wait for the next update if it doesn’t resolve.

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For pipes and structures I want to set the surface reference to NONE. For each component it is possible manually, but I want to do for the whole network.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi there! @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 Are the nodes Map.Layers and Map.GetLayerByName just working with FDO layers? I set up a map layer from an AutoCAD layer but this layer seems not to be recognized. Is that by intent?

You can also do that with the Project Explorer

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@FC_GN8 correct it is by design

I am trying to add Sites to a lot of alignments. I use the ObjectExtenstions.SetParameterValueByName node for that. I am not getting a warning in Dynamo itself, but the result is not what I was expecting.
Am I doing something wrong? The Civil3Dtoolkit textfile throws an error / warning. See the attached file. There are 600+ alignments I try to edit based on their viewframe, so it is quite the script.
Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (25.0 KB)

Move Alignments to site based on viewframe.dyn (559.2 KB)

I don’t know much about API, but with my experience with this node, it’s mainly used for setting user manual input parameters. The “SiteName” property is looking up the site name of the alignment and doesn’t actually control what site it is on.

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Project Explorer is excellent ! Thanks.

I cannot seem to run Pick Point from the Dynamo Player. It is set as an input, and the “Select” button shows up in the player, but when picked it does not function. Log file is included here.
Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (149.3 KB)

It seems to be working (everytime there is an entry like this INFO: Point picked: (468052.874489566,222139.66736504,0))

Hi, I’m trying to get part data of my pipe network (Manning Coefficient, Flowrate, Juntion Loss) to export to excel, change the values for import that data in my pipe netwok.
for the moment I have this workflow.
I found a node for pipe HGL UP thas shows me values for each pipe in my network, Don’t know if there is a node that includes the information I need, but it’s basically the workflow I need.

I’m new with dynamo programming and would be grateful for your help.

Hi there @estbnsrz and welcome! Regarding you question, look at the Civil3DToolkit, under “AutoCAD” and Object Extensions, and call up “GetParameterByName” node. Unfortunately, I don’t think API is available for manning’s property (at least not up to 2021). Here’s what I’ve got.

In the future, for questions about “how can I…” or “where do I find…” please create a brand new post. This Thread is for specific issues or suggestions for the developer of the Civil3DTooklit package.

Pipe Network Parameters by Name v0.dyn (61.9 KB)

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thank you so much. i will do it.

Hi. First of all, a big thank you for the Civil Toolkit package, it is truly amazing. However, I have some issues when trying to change the surface style. I get the message below. Any idea what it means, please ? Thank you in advance.
I am using Civil 3D 2021.1, with Dynamo 2.5.2.

Warning: DocumentExtensions.SetStyle operation failed.
Could not load type ‘Autodesk.Civil.DatabaseServices.PressureAppurtenanceSectionLabel’ from assembly ‘AeccPressurePipesMgd, Version=13.3.1717.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 - those are the exact coordinates that I chose from the Dynamo Graph; and it definitely is working directly from Dynamo, but I cannot get updated coordinates when trying to use the node through Dynamo player.

I do agree. Pick a point works in the Dynamo Graph but it doesn’t work with dynamo player.

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Huge thanks Paolo for the select multiple node in recent release. Thats a game changer for input flexibility. Cheering you guys on as you expand the library and make it more and more API comprehensive.



I’m trying to get superelevation data from selected alignment via Toolkit nodes. It works with LeftOutLane but gives zero values with RightOutLane, though superelevaton table shows otherwise.

GetSuperelevationData.dwg (1.3 MB)
GetSuperelevationData.dyn (116.7 KB)
Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (34.5 KB)

Hi @kovacsv,

Thanks for reporting this. I can replicate your issue. I believe this can be included in the next release update. I’ll sync this issue with Paolo.



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