Changing Instance parameter to Type parameter

Todays challengeā€¦ Why does all structural Familes (or at least many of them) having the Structural Material parameter as an Instance parameter!? I want to change all structural families material parameter to be Type based instead. I have tried to search in the forum without any luck. Anyone there have som good ideas on how to do that?

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I would have thought this would be pretty straight forward in Python. Basically you want to change all the instance materials for a type of structural family?


No, I want to change the parameter type from Instance based parameter to Type based parameter. By having the parameter as Type it is much easier to change materials. The reason for my challenge is I working with a lot of models (around 80 build buildings) and these models is modelled quite different so I need to streamline all the models in relation to objects, materials etc.

Iā€™m trying to do the same.

I have dozens of cabinet families. They have some instance parameters and some type parameters. I want to change the instance parameters into type parameters.

I canā€™t find any information on how to do it, I suspect it isnā€™t possibleā€¦

I have nodes for families, that handle this issue. You might need a dummy parameter while moving data from instance to type.

nodes for families in the Orchid package

Hello @erfajo :slight_smile:

Sorry, I think you must deal with these issues a lot of times.
Can I specify the parameter as a type parameter when I create it? As I asked in other topics, creating type parameters was not successful.
Thank you for any response.