Switch family instance parameters to new family type for windows

I am assisting with creating assembly drawings for curtain wall units. The initial families used instance based height and width parameters for the window panels for easier placement during the design phase. These panels will receive type marks based on the height, width, and material of the panel. Is there a way to take the information that is modeled as instance based and create a new family types and change the family instance to be that new type with type parameters for each panel?

Hi William,


Would it be too much trouble to share the family you are trying to extract parameters from?




Hi William,

If i am not mistaken you are looking to change family instance type. Below is an example of 2 types of curtain wall both has different curtain panel types.

Set Curtain Panel




Thank you for the help. I wish that I could share the family, but I signed an NDA for the project so I’m unable to share any of the files. This is different than what Kulkul is suggesting. The Revit model was created with each curtain wall assembly as a window family made of nested families for each mullion, the connections, and panels. The glass panels are simple rectangles that stretch to infill the openings between the modeled mullions. Currently there’s a ton of different sizes of panels but they’re all the same type because they are instance based. What I’d like to do is sort the panel instances by material, height, then width and create types based on that information. Then switch the family instances to match the type that they should be. Any thoughts?

Hello, i’m wondering if is possible to switch between instance and type parameter by Dynamo. I think this image is the solution, could you upload this image again, please.

Also my goal is setting a instance parameter while i’m duplicating a family type.

Thanks in advance.