Changing Assembly Part Name

I am trying to rename the assemblies made by revit precast extension with our companies naming method. Where I get into trouble is when I want to feed the change I have back into revit. I have found the name I want to change and do so but now I cant figure out how to make it change in revit. This is as far as I can get as when i try and find the parameter I need to change I hit a brick wall as “Type”, which is what I am thinking I need to change, will not work when I try and run my script through Element.SetParameterValueByName

Walls Renaming.dyn (10.7 KB)

To Change Name use custom node from Clockwork package:

Thank you for pointing out that node and now it hits me with a different problem. It should be as easy as plug and go but I keep getting a false result when I plug in any combination of nodes. I have not used this nodr before so the element line is what I am changing and name is what I am going to?

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Hello, not sure if this is still a problem, but the element.set name works if you use the AssemblyTypes. image