Change Wall Location Line

Hi - This should be REALLY simple but I can’t change the location line of a wall. Set Parameter Value By Name doesn’t work (says can’t find parameter by that name) even though Get Parameter Value By Name works just fine with the same parameter name input.

Assuming by location line you mean finish face exterior / core face exterior / center / core center/ core face interior / finish face interior?

The parameter is actually a number value not a string, so you need a bit of a decoder to sort it out. Clearly asking people to remember that 0 means centerline was a bit much, so the parameter is usually viewed as the text you’re likely looking for to avoid confusion. But if you want to get/set parameter values in the usual way using the API, you need to work with the actual storage types not the results after they are passed though the decoder.

Hopefully this can serve as a bit of a decoder ring. Sorry I already ate all the cracker jacks…


Thanks - I did manage to figure out it needs a number (or integer) value by using get parameter value by name. However, whenever I try to set parameter value by name it insists that the parameter name doesn’t exist (not that the value is incorrect input format).

I am also experiencing this issue and cannot understand why!!