Wall location line by wall type

I have been trying to change the location line of an specific wall type but after selecting the wall type I want to change the script shows me the error in the pic and it does not change the wall location line.

Could anyone please give a hand? I have been looking in all forums I could find but non of them shows anything similar I can use as base.

Looking at the Wall Instance Parameters, it appears the parameter name is “Location Line” not “Location line” in your post. Have you tried this?

Just tried it and it has not worked either.


Location Line is an instance parameter but you’re filtering the Family. Try filtering the FamilyInstance instead.

@Nick_Boyts, I’m kind of new with dynamo and I though the “green” filtering was to select the elements I want to set parameter to as I want to set the new location line to the list of wall in the watch node (in this case 1478 walls)
How would I select the instance of only those 1478 wall then?

Are you using an English version of Revit?

The green represents the element Id, meaning anything with the green Id is a viable Element. However you have the Family element selected instead of the FamilyInstance. You started with the FamilyInstance and then got the Family. The issue is that you filtered the Families instead of the FamilyInstances. You just need to change the list input on your FilterByBoolMask node.


Yeah English version

@Nick_Boyts spotted your mistake, change the items you’re filtering and you should be good to go.

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Then after that, change the location line as you already have in your first post.

This is a visual way of saying what @Nick_Boyts said verbally.

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@Nick_Boyts @Bjorn_Keulemans1 @kraftwerk15.
Thank you that works a treat.