Change thickness and type of model curve


how can i change the thickness, color and and type of only specific lines in dynamo while keeping other lines remain same. as shown in reference picture i want to change for the highlighted lines only.

is it possible if i change the type of these lines and then change the color for this specific type? if yes how to change the type and thickness of lines

Hi @maheeramurad !
All of these tasks are possible, there is nodes to collect elements, filtering them, and modify or create. Just start a script…:slight_smile:

the error says: Warning: Element.OverrideInView expects argument type(s) (Revit.Elements.Element, Revit.Filter.OverrideGraphicSettings, bool), but was called with (Revit.Elements.ModelCurve, System.Object, bool).


In this case, use the OOTB OverrideGraphicSettings node, not that of a package.
Dynamo OverrideGraphicSettings are not compatible with packages.

Alternatively, you could keep the Create OverrideGraphicSettings node and replace the OOTB ElementOverrideInView node with the View SetElementOverrides custom node.

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