Change line colors


We’re thinking about having color coded linetypes in our projects. So that you easily can tell which lineweight you’re using, like in AutoCAD, for detail views (don’t want to use lineweight tool since it gets cluttered).

But we want to change the colors to black&white before printing.
Does anyone know a way, or a custom node, that changes linecolors? And how would that Dynamo script look?

Not sure I undeestand why you want to change something from a WYSIWYG to a system which requires a Rosetta Stone to understand, and I don’t necessarily like this idea, but an override graphics in view node would work here. As would modifying all view templates.

How do you plan on dealing with model elements which have even more sub categories?

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We think that it gets alot more visual having each line weight in a different color when drawing details. Like you would have it in AutoCAD. You will easily see and remember to change color when you want another lineweight.

Having it all in black isn’t as visual.
I don’t want to change it in a view and modifying all view templates seems like a struggle.

For example I would like to be able to switch 0,35 between being green and being black in the whole project (green when drawing, black when printing).

I also disagree with making Revit seem like AutoCAD. You can also see what you are getting just by using Thin/Thick Lines command in Revit. You can have your detail lines in Revit easily match the lineweight they did in Autocad, and you dont need colors. But I digress . . . .

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This was going to be my suggestion. Now it still might be a little difficult to tell a 4 from a 5 but you’re at least getting the actual lineweights. This will also show you if a specific lineweight is too big (or too small) for a certain scale.

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Not an ideal workflow, we also looked at using colour to differentiate line thicknesses in views but concluded that forcing Revit to be AutoCAD was going to limit our development potential. That said, using something like the below you could switch overrides quickly, if not just to do a spot check in colour before printing.

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1/2 of all of Revit questions can be summed up with that response.