Help changing Detail Lines in Revit with Dynamo

Hello, I would like to quickly update a series of typical details that are already drawn in Revit. I need to change the line types from what they are currently drawn on to a new linetype. Can someone explain, or point me to a Dynamo thread that explains how to select detail lines in Revit and change the linetypes using Dynamo. I attempted the process and thus far I’m able to select the lines but not sure how to apply a node that changes them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Since they are already strings you can use an “==” with a bool mask filter.

Hi John,

Thanks for your quick response.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can filter out specific lines now the question is, how do I change the line types.

I made several attempts using “Element Set parameter By Name” with no success so far.

Any ideas?





See if this works for you…




You can also window select the entire view and filter only the line type desired, then change the line type via the drop down menu.

You can’t right click, select all instances of a specific detail line type but the above method does work.

I know this is very late but I had the same question and couldn’t find an answer so I’ll post it here. If you do a GetParameterValueByName on a detail line you’ll see the input value to change the parameter is called “GraphicsStyle”. A quick search in my library and I found the node LineStyle.AllAttributes from BimorphNodes. With this you can filter out whatever existing line style you want and assign it to a detail line. Works great.

Thanks Texxxk,

Better late than never. :+1: