Change Imported ACAD Line Styles to Match Revit Line Styles Based on Line Weight

Hello all,

I am working on a way to convert ACAD details to Revit and still retain line weights, styles, patterns, etc.

I would like to filter all of the imported line styles, and then by using the imported line weights, change the line style to match a pre-existing Revit line style with a similar line weight. This would be a simple task, if not for the fact that line weights are stored in such a way that I can’t read/change them using normal Dynamo nodes. The Bimorph package has a node which allows me to see the individual attributes of each line style (name, weight, color, graphicstyle), but does not let me use these in any meaningful way.

Does anyone have a workaround for this/has anyone dealt with converting ACAD details before? Am I looking at this the wrong way? The end goal of this is to create a best practice for our other offices, so any and all suggestions would be appreciated.


Don’t know if it helps at all but there are some 3rd party apps that can change / swap line types in a project. I know the CTC BIM Manager suite has that functionality:

In the tutorial, we can read: “Line Style names can be input to map Line Styles to curves from each layer”. Would that meet your expectations?

Thank you and Chad_Clary for both of your help. Your solutions are both on the right track but do not meet what I was in need of.

Our corporate BIM team recently developed a tool to help with this that we were notified of after I posted, so this issue is now resolved. Thanks again.

My solution was to Prepare the CAD file by writing a LSP that would assign them to the Color Number. Then in CAD simply rename them to my Revit Line Styles, & or by Pens 3-11 for later assigning a Style using CTC’s “Type Swapper”.

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