Not working AUTOCAD color and line style to revit

hi everyone,
i can’t able to get AUTOCAD color and line style while import using bimorph package for detail curve. i am only getting while color line. why?
thanks advance,
test.dyn (21.3 KB)
testimport.dwg (39.5 KB)

pls help me out this problem.

You may have more luck by providing screen shots of the script and any error messages you are facing.

hi pyxam,
thanks for the reply. i am not facing any error on this script. while using dynamo getting white color for detail line,but my cad drawing has some different color and line style.
my question is why not coming same auotcad color and line style into the revit.
pls find attached image for information.
thanks advance.
White color

test.dyn (21.3 KB)

Headers are not visible in your screenshot.

i think u did not open pblm.

You’re creating new curves in Revit. Those curves don’t inherit the properties of the CAD file just because that’s what was used to create them. You need to now assign the same line pattern, color, and weight to your new curves as the CAD layers.

hi nick,
thanks for the reply.i thought,it would be possible to create with dynamo nodes.
what is the purpose of cad layer object syles nodes.

CADLayer ObjectStyle gives you the layer properties of the CAD import in Revit. ImportInstance.SetObjectStyle allows you to override those properties in Revit. CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers gets the curve geometry into Dynamo and then DetailCurve.ByCurve converts that geometry to a Revit detail curve. That detail curve is just a plain curve. You still need to apply the same ObjectStyle properties to the new curve in order for it to look the same visually.

Basically, you have a curve and you have properties of that curve. You created a matching curve. Now you need to create (and apply) matching properties.

sorry for the late reply. thanks a lot for helping.
i will try that one.ImportInstance.setobjectstyle.nodes

That’s for overriding the CAD import. If you want to change the visual of the curve then you need to override its graphics or use a line type with the same properties as the import layer.

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