Curve from Cad to Revit [Bimorph] filter by lineweight

Hi all,

I am using Bimorph custom node to import autocad line to revit curve, was wondering is it possible to filter autocad line by lineweight instead of layer ?

thank in advance, cheers !

to filter by lineweight

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I’ll take a look at what’s feasible. My initial thoughts are it’ll be limited since the original line weights in AutoCAD are mapped to the line weights in Revit so there’s a loss of information. If that is the case then the results would be inconsistent or unreliable and that’s always where my decision making process ends.


I agree with Thomas that you would be facing an uphill battle around lineweight mapping.

Utilizing an ActiveX method to read the values in the open dwg file may be more successful, but I am not sure this has been exposed by anyone yet. Check the LinkDWG package as a start.

As a last resort, writing a macro/lisp/whatever for AutoCAD to move the lines to new layers for each lineweight might not be that hard (assuming you don’t want to filter by Layer + Lineweight).

Thanks Thomas and Jacob, I will try more on the suggestion now, cheers !:smiley: