Editing Linked CAD Graphipcs Configuration

Hi every one!!
Id like change color and weight oh linked CAD lines.
Ive found one node in bimorphNodes that work fine:

But it work only for one linked CAD, id like edit a list of linked CAD, but dont work:

In htis last case not all linked cad are changed…
Any susgestion?

Thanks in advance

Try right click CAD.SetObjectStyle and change lacing to longest.

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Also, check your list ordering so lacing works as expected - the indexing needs to align. So “TABLAS” and lineweight 1 will update the import instance at index 0 in your List Create node (all indexes @ 0 get matched, followed by 1 and so-on). If its not working, its likely to be caused by a mismatching between your list order, i.e. TABLAS is a layer in the second import instance (index 1 of your list) not the first (index 0).

Ok thaks a lot

Ill try it!!