Change Family Type Parameters

Hi, I am a new Revit user who has taken over a model/project from an employee who has recently quit. Anyway, we have numerous families types in the central model that need to be revised. The window opening sizes and sill height are determined by a formula in the family type properties.

I now have to revise the window openings size formulas. The problem is that there are over 100+ types (walls with different heights, door openings, etc.). I tried making the changes via the schedule, but that is taking to long.

Is there a way that can make these changes by opening up each family type and changing the formula via Dynamo? Im currently copying and pasting. Thanks

edit. im using 2019 and have dynamo 2.0

If you change your schedule (make a copy first) to sort on family and type, then uncheck the display all instances, you will see that all types are displayed only once. (all instances of that type will be displayed in one row). change a parameter here, and you will change all instances at once.

I tried that but can not get the formula to show up. I would like to change the formula value via Dynamo instead of manually doing it .

i don’t think this can be done in Dynamo, never seen showing calculations done in a family in Dynamo, nor in a schedule in Revit.
Also, if your dimensions are done by instance parameters (could be), forget what i suggested