Replacing doors with apertures

Hello everyone!
I’m studying Dynamo, so have some issues with that. I just try to replace the doors filtering by comments parameters with apertures saving the dimensions of width and height. Tried to find some info here.

But I had an error. Could you, please, point on my mistake. Or is there a better way how to implement that? Thank you in advance!

Parameters are case sensitive. Should be “Family and Type”.

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Thanks! Unfortunately, I tried both.

Maybe it happens due to project parameters, don’t you know?It says no parameter found by that name.
Much appreciated.

I don’t think you can write to that parameter as it is a combination of the family name and type name, so I think you would need to change those parameters instead.

Check if it is read only to confirm.

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Thank you for your reply, but actually I didn’t understand what I should to do with that). Are we talking about project parameters?

@Artur_K, “Family and Type” is an instance parameter. Change the filtering from Types to Instances like this:


Thank you very much! And one more question is how to set the parameters of doors to the apertures,because now it just put one type of family type without saving dimestions. Much appreciated