Revit family parameter not changing

Hi there,

I’m trying to change family parameters in dynamo and it appears nor to be working.

The note warning message says the parameter is read only, but i’ve changed it from type parameter to instance parameter and i got the same.

I’m trying to get the family SP_BrickFaceReduction_M3_G1 the value for the “Front” parameter to match the “type name” parameter, both of them matching the dimension obtained from the remap range.

Can someone help please?

Many thanks in advance

Gen Brick wall test 2.rvt (1.8 MB)
Wall Grid with bricks 4.dyn (38.7 KB)

Are your “Value” and “Element” lists you are inputting into your “SetParameterByName” node matching? If not it wont work.

Well, i’ll have large number of objects with different dimensions.

Are you suggesting i need to have a list of parameters with the same amount of the different dimensions?

It’s the parameter name (a string) and not the parameter it self that should be fed into the node…

So thank you all for your replies, and i did manage to make it work in the end.