Editing Family Types

I’m trying to find a solution to the following issue: one of my clients uses 30" tall upper cabinets in the kitchens, now they want to change the heights of those cabinets to 36". I have two upper cabinet families (Upper Cabinet-Single Door-Wall & Upper Cabinet-Double Door-Wall) the family types are named based on the width & height of the cabinet (e.g. 12"x30"; 27"x30" etc).

So, I need to select all the types in the project of those two families, change the Height parameter from 2’-6" to 3’-0", rename the types to reflect the new height (i.e. 12"x30 to 12"x36") and change the type comments to also reflect the new height (i.e. W1230 to W1236).

I’ve got a start that seems to be selecting the all the instances of one of the families, but it clearly breaks down after that s my watch nodes are showing an empty list.

Why not just use 'Select All Instances in Project" within Revit rather than Dynamo? Especially and type parameter information you only have to change that one place one time in the Family Types.

If I only needed to do this in one project, that method may be fine, but I have +/- 100 projects with an average of 5 different upper cabinet types and I’d rather get it done in a day than a week. I may be misunderstanding your comment, but doing it in Revit as opposed to Dynamo requires the following steps for each family type:

  1. Right click on the family type & pick “Select All Instances” then select either (Visible in View" or “In Entire Project”)
  2. Select “Edit Type” in the Properties dialog
  3. Rename the type to indicate 36" tall
  4. change the Height Parameter to 36"
  5. change the type comments to indicate 36" tall
  6. click ok

That’s a very lengthy process to repeat approximately 500 times. Am I missing something; is there a way to select all instances of a family and change a common type parameter in Revit?

See if this will work for you as a concept. Make sure you are using numbers (double) for the height as they aren’t strings and aren’t in the format 2’-6" etc.

well, that helps explain why I was having issues using the code block in my first attempt. I was trying to use 2’-6" and those feet & inches marks were not playing nice with Dynamo!