Change Family type parameter value by new value

How can i change a Family type parameter value to a new value.

I want to change an assembly code value to another value. I get the value from the parameter that is set for now but i won’t get it change.

Here is a picture and the script.

Please can anyone help me.

You will probably need a number input, instead of the string input (“59.2” = string)

Probably the input type like @Daan said. The error would be very helpful.

When i’m using a number input node i got the message below.

what is the problem now. I’m i using the wrong Element.SetParameterValuesByNames?

Element.SetParameterByName needs element input, but you are feeding string into element.

Thank Jan

But now i have a new error. I have to know what kind of parameter the “Aseembly Code” parameter is because its no number.

I’m going to check that.

Thanks sofar.

Just use “59.2” instead of 59.2. This will change value to from Number to String

I still have the same error.

The parameter is not a number.

Like this :slight_smile:

Thanks Jan,

I already tried that but didn’t work, thats why i put it in otherwise.
After the message from you i reattached it to the value node and seems that was the issue.

Know this is my first running dynamo script.

Hmmm, I have no idea why this wouldnt work, i can try it in an hour or two.


It’s working now. But i had to reconnect the lines between values and code block.

Sometimes dynamo has that i know.

Maybe strange question but can you also look at the topic below.

What is wrong there