Change Family Type by Value


I am trying to change the change types by using a selected family.
Does anyone know how to change a Family Type by given value in Dynamo?

For know i get the warning “No parameter found by that name” but i know for sure that Family Type exist in the Revit project.

When i use the dropdown by “Family Types” it works, but i just wanted to use a given value. This is because the next step is to use a given value from a Excel Document.


Hi, janlandwaart
If you use a String node you dont need quotation marks.
Use one of the folowing methodes:


Thanks Dmytro_Serebrilian, but i still got the warning “A FamilySymbol with the specified name, 32_AB_DO_KRE_KM3: 780x2315, does not exist in the document”

Do you know what i’m doing wrong?

Well, it can be only a wrong family name, at least i see an extra spacebar in your string. If your scipt fails try solutions from this topic

Thanks, now i got a solution!
Problem was that i have to write just the Type Name (in my example 780x2315).

Now i created another workaround to use the correct Family for that type.

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