Change the Value of a Family's Array parameter in revit

Hello Everybody, Hope you are all fine.

I’m a new user to Dynamo, but after some classes i think it is already time to try to run my first program.
So i have a family Called “Diagrama Unifilar” inside my Revit project. It contais an array parameter called “Numero de Circuitos”
I wish to set the value of this parameter to be the same as the number of circuits in my project.
I think i did everything ok, but i keep getting an error message called: “Warning: No function called SetParameterByName on a Revit.Elements.Parameter that takes __array,string,string could be found”

You need to pass an actual element into the “element” input of the SetParameter node. Right now you are passing a list of parameters.

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And how do i transform this list into an element?

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And how do i transform this list into an element?

Do this changes in your script.

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I found Out the solution… All i needed to do was change the value from a list to a number by inserting String.tonumber node between List.Lastitem node and Element.setparameterbyname.

Thank you all