Change circle start point and orientation

Hi All,

I’ve explode my surface to get my circle geometry , and when I execute Curve.PointAtSegmentlength node the point choosed is in the wrong direction due to the wrong circle start point and vector direction which is (0,0,-1)…although I’ve returned my circle with an angle of 180 I get my segment point in the opposite direction…how to solve this issue?


your support surface is a surface with a normal oriented in z<0, I think that’s why you are inverted
(your rotation relative to the z axis doesn’t rotate the surface, I think but not at all sure what I’m saying, as the circle is an infinite object in an “XY” plane, the origin of the designers of dynamo was to place it relative to the “x” axis oriented with the normal of the plane contained, really not sure of what I am still advancing)

here is a possible workaround



Thanks for your reply

What you are saying is correct, my issue is due to my normal axis which is inverted (Z<0)
I solved my issue by inversing my circle using “reverse.curve” node then rotate it by 180 degree.


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