Is there a node for Start-End-Radius Arc tool?

I’m having trouble finding a Dynamo node for Revit’s Start-End-Radius Arc Tool. Does anyone know where I can find one? Thanks.

Pretty sure Dynamo doesn’t have one by default, but simple enough to replicate.


can’t wait to try to out. Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated.

Hi Ewan,

I redrew your arc graph as part of a simple attractor tutorial where I replaced an attractor point with this arc graph and it worked!
I’m now trying to integrate it into a more complex graph for a curtain wall panel. I can generate the arc in the right orientation for the first arc in the upper right corner. But I need to invert the orientation of the 2nd arc in the lower right corner. I thought I could do this by modifying the variable in the final code block from [0] to [1] but it is not the correct inversion.
Could you please have a look and help me figure out how to invert the orientation of the 2nd arc? Please see screenshots attached. The yellow highlighted arc needs to run along the red dotted line.

Thanks again!

What happens when you swap the start and end points around?

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YES!!! thank you

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