Issue with local reference system

Hi everyone,

I have a problem when I establish a local referce system.

My script places bolts on a surface and then, if it necessary due to design intent, rotate those elements around the Y local axis.

But, as depicted in the picture, in some point the X and Y local axis are flipped. So, in those points the rotation is set in the wrong direction.

How can I fix that problem?

Thank you in advance,

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I used those nodes to establish the rotation of the normal.
The Y axis (the green one) change the position in one row, as you can see.

Each point is placed through the node Surface.PointAtParameter.

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@marcello.carta ,

can you use reverse vector ?


I can try, but this issue is related to the local coordination system, not a single vector.

Even if I manage to overcome the issue reversing the normal in those points where the Y axis rotated, this eventually will work on a reduced amount of cases.

I want to understand the root of this problem. Anyway, thank you Andreas

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@marcello.carta ,

i did this… i think there is also a node coordinate system rotate
zylinder_V02.dyn (50.2 KB)