Set zero angle in Revit model to coincides with positive X axis in dynamo

Hi all

when I choose points at segment length “0” of my Revit model, dynamo select for me the opposite points at 180°… so I want to rotate my coordinate system in Revit with 180° without using rotate element to get my selected points coincides with positive X axis direction.


Hello @REDO10 …i can see you had a similar question here…Change circle start point and orientation… Dont know why you want that but something could probably work if you dont wanna rotate your circle or mirror…

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Hi @sovitek

Thanks for your idea

In fact, my goal is not to get points at segments 0, I just wanted to test is those points concided with the positive direction of the x-axis that present the reference line of calculation of the angles (zero start at +X) , because I want to define a vector that concide with the x-axis and will be the basis for calculating my angles…so if the start point of my geometry is not set at the correct position (in my case the start point is in the opposit direction with an angle of 180°) I’ll get my calculated angles raised to a 180°…so I prefere to rotate my geometry in Revit.