The orientation of the Adaptive



I got a list of points and placed the adaptive components with these points, but the result came out like this. The orientations were totally chaos. So What is going on here? How can I fix it?
By the way, the points came from the same curves by PointAtParameter.


Looks like a problem with reversed curve normals/directions…

Can you show the Dynamo preview showing the Parameter values (0-1) for the points you have highlighted green to confirm this suspicion?

A similar posting here can shed some light on this.

There should be a way for you to compare the Normal for each set of points to find the ones requiring the attention in your lists prior to creating the Adaptive components.


It not the same actually.
The points from the curve, and the adaptive components placed on the points. There is no vector in each point.


Thanks for clarifying that, can you post some reference material (DYN, stripped RVT file/family) or show more of the script.

I am trying to replicate this but so far its all working as intended with a 4 point adaptive component.
The inverted item is where i have intentionally reversed a Normal.
What does your family look link in 3D?


circlepoibt2.xls (9.9 KB)
CircleCentrePoint2 - .xls (8.7 KB)
point.xls (203.6 KB)
H.test5.rfa (492 KB)
03.ExcelPoints.dyn (1.0 MB)
Here are the files.



I found something interesting.
I chose two different instances and click the point. It showed me that the coordinates of the points are right, so now I guess the problem came from the component.


Ah, so the problem lies with the input curve geometry.

All the other curves where the Adaptive component is created correctly are convex.
The flipped components only occur at concave locations.

The family looks to have been built as convex.

So when being created in a concave orientation the family reverses itself.

Might be easiest to add in a custom parameter to the family for handling concave situations (Additional Geometry or Visibility controls) .:grinning:


I really appreciate it. You help me a lot. Thank you.