Can't install packages error: Empty path name is not legal

I can not install any packages, i get this error: Empty path name is not legal (see attached)

Hi @SamBerk

Looks like your trying to install “DEPRICIATED” or old packages try installing packages which has got time stamp 2017.

Thanks Kulkul for trying to help,
It’s doesn’t seem to me that this is the case, because i get this error even when i try to install 2017 packages,

Also see attached a warning that i get before, and when i click OK then i get the other error,

You could ignore and hit “OK” it will install the package. It’s not error it is just asking your confirmation. FYI only.

I have already hit the “OK” button and i get this error: Empty path name is not legal,
and after that when i search for it, i don’t see it installed in the Dynamo library,
Thanks again

Have you tried restarting your PC?


@SamBerk Try this ->Unistall Dynamo completely and then reinstall again. See if that helps.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, and the same error message again: Empty path name is not legal

:slight_smile: I don’t know why, but now its works, :slight_smile:

Hi Kulkul,
The problem is back i can’t install packages, the same error message again: Empty path name is not legal

We are currently working on this issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ok thanks,
You gonna let me know when it’s fixed?

Try now.

Same problem

Could you show us your package paths location.

here it is

Try removing the downloads folder from the list of locations, restart your system, and give it another shot.

Didn’t help,

I don’t know about your setup, but I can’t remember a situation where bulk users could create directories or otherwise access/edit content in folders at that level, but can in the C:\users\usernamegoeshere directory, so that may be the issue as Dynamo might not be able to create the desired subfolder for you.

Try doing a “install version to folder” and see where dynamo is trying to save them to by default.

Set the directory to your desktop and see what happens from there.