Can't export filtered results

Every time I try to export filtered results the filter resets when I click the three dots.
Is this a known bug?


Hi Tim,

No it is not. Can you please give us some information so that we can debug it:

  1. Versions of Generative Design and Revit
  2. If possible, your graphs and actual study settings?

Just to be clear, you do not see any error messages? And you do not see:


QA for the Generative Design team

Hi Neal,

I do see the pop-up and I do not see any error message.
but any set filters are reset and the “only filtered outcomes” option is greyed out like your screenshot.
Revit 2023.0.2
Generative Design
Three box massing has the same result, so I don’t think it has something to do with my graph.


Hi Tim,

Now I understand, thanks. This does appear to be a regression. We will advise asap.

Thanks for the report, we are grateful.


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Hi Tim,

This will be fixed in our next release. We can notify you when and how it will be available if you like.

Again, thanks!


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Yes please,