Generative Design - Export Outcomes from Release

Does the version of GD noted in the subject line have the ability to Export Outcomes, similar to the functionality available in GD v22.3.10 in R22 ? In my case I am launching GD directly from Dynamo which is working on top of a .rfa, not launching Dynamo / GD from .rvt environment.

You should be able to find all the logs under %appdata%/GenerativeDesign.

@Nick_Boyts Yes, thank you.

To be more specific, instead of similar to the current release, I mean exactly including the thumbnail:

Exported data includes the following:

  • Metadata about the study: the study type, name, creation start time, method, and generation settings
  • Unique ID for each outcome
  • Input values used for each outcome, including constants and variables
  • Output values for each outcome, as defined by the study type
    *** Thumbnail image for each outcome (optional)**

I believe that’s only available in the new version.

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I suspected…
4K monitor captures for now.

GUI improvements will be welcomed

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Capturefinery is likely the best way to get the images.

It’s up on the package manager, and has a GitHub here: GitHub - KeanW/Capturefinery: A Dynamo package to capture stills and animated GIFs from Refinery r.

If you have issues feel free to reach out.


Thanks Jacob, about to give it a try.
Looking forward to the day we are in R22+…

After install, research and troubleshooting, no luck. Attached is an image of my setup.
Any thoughts on what I need to do differently?

Well, I have some good news…

Check out the first 40 seconds of this video: Revit 2022.1: Generative Design in Revit Updates - YouTube

Definitely a good reason to update to 2022… but more importantly the graph with remembered data would run in Dynamo sandbox, which could then be moved to Generative Design in the new build, allowing you to take advantage of the new features, including the exporter.

Buy now and get a second license free, just pay shipping and handling ? Unfortunately, it’ll be a while until R22 is vetted where I am at. It’s a bit tough to only have 100x100 pixel illustrations, and though the real innovation is in the data, that really just doesn’t make for a compelling discussion amongst most designers and clients. But hey there’s always Revit 2022.