Generative Design - weird things happening

So I wrote a script (can’t share as it’s a work thing)

It was all working and running beautifully in the GD too… Then I added some stuff and poof it starts being weird.

The thing that’s causing the issue (I think) is that I’ve run something though two filters in a row.
If I delete the second filter it’s fine.
I can’t combine the filters as item 1 only wants filters abc and item 2 wants filters ab… So I have to keep filter c apart.

In Dynamo it still displays fine and gives me the right outputs but in the GD it doesn’t.

I’ve tried rejigging how it filters - I’ve filtered item 1 and 2 with filters a+b and then added filter c for item 1.
I’ve filtered item 1 with filters a+b and then item 2 with all the filters.
I’ve asked it nicely…

Dynamo looks like this:

GD looks like this:

And also seems to be stopping here

Also the “open in Dynamo” button isn’t working.

I’m in Revit 2021.1 and Dyno 2.6.1
Any suggestions?

So after loads more ARGH WTF… I found the actual issue…

It wasn’t the filters.

All I needed to do was go from this:

to this:

As usual the issue was between the keyboard and the chair :laughing: