Node Level.Name


I´m stuck with this script I´m preparing. I am having this warning when running and I´m not sure how to fix it… Any ideas? I´m still starting learning Dynamo so not quite familiar with some of the potential issues…

Thanks in advance

Hello @Luis.Espinosa92 ,

can you check what type of datatype you are getting from “GetParameterValueByName”
I think you are getting string(level name) from “GetParameterValueByName”.
if it is so then you can directly connect output of “GetParameterValueByName” to “=” node

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Hello @Luis.Espinosa92,

Can you show me the output of the Element.GetParameterValueByName?
Normaly this node will give a Level.

I don’t know which revit version you use right now but in 2020 and above the parameter level is changed to “Reference Level”

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@jw.vanasselt think it depends whitch categori it is…

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Yes that’s what I mean, I mean when you search the parameter “Reference Level” he return a Level.
Is this not always the output with “Reference Level” and “Level”?

åhh thats true :wink:

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This is the script

@Luis.Espinosa92 …aha its a walll…then try baseconstraint instead of level in your codeblock…hope it will help

the idea is to select any category from the Revit model

Then i would go with custom node element.level from Genius Loci or Clockwork

where will you connect the Element.Level?


error message is still there… I guess there´s still I´m not doing ok

try to feed the levels directly into your == node…without

try something here…