Place Adaptive Panel on Points

Hi there,

I’m trying to model panels on the roof using adaptive components and placing them on the points I made as shown below. However, I need some help with sorting the lists and getting the points. The adaptive component has 4 points and i want them to locate as shown below but I can’t seem to be able to do it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help. Thanks!


Hello and welcome to the forum.

The first thing you need to know is that the list of points should be organized as follows

  • the lists needs to be a nested list where every set of points (4) is a separate list of lists.
  • the order of the points needs to be in the order you would place the adaptive panel.
  • once you have created the list structure you can click the points in the list and Dynamo will show you the active point on screen like [1] [2] etc.

Tell me if this works for you.

Hi, thanks for reply. I’m actually stuck on the nested list part. So I tried generating 1 panel on the 4 points (extracted individually) and it worked but I need help on how to have sets of point (4) for all the points I have now. Are there any particular functions I should be using. Thanks!


Here is a start, there will be a better way to handle the list/shifting more efficiently, hopefully some one can advise.
Alternately if you can select the surface of the roof, the lunchbox plugin has good panelling options which you could utilize to place your adaptive family.
CheersKS210827 AdaptiveComponentTest.dyn (70.5 KB)

210827AdaptivePanelTest.rvt (616 KB)

Thanks a lot! It worked!

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