Can´t connect pipes with fittings

Hi, i drew all the pipes with dynamo starting with a cad lines that´s ok, but the problem is that i don´t know how to connect this pipes with the fittings.

The pipes and the fittings are families for the same brand, so i think i have to use that particular fittings with this pipes.

And i want to create the pipes and fittigns automatically with dynamo.
Here are the special fittings that i need dynamo identify.

I think that´s possible. Can you help me?

Hello @pipelondo1996 and welcome

Yes it should be possible…here is a rough exemple…but its best if you show all your graph or upload your dyn then its easier to get help…



Thank you for your answer, i want to try with your routine but i don´t understand some nodes like python script and the plane nodes. If you can explain me in short words i will be gratefull with you. Excuse me for my bad english haha.

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Hi @pipelondo1996 …the python node is from mepover, just modified a bit…it isnt super stable i will try go deeper when i have some we can control which side the fitting will insert probably not so easy…but try something and play around with it …


MEP FITTING 45.rvt (6.1 MB)
1112 NEW_45 FITTING AFLØB MULTI.dyn (85.9 KB)


Hi @pipelondo1996 Here is an other dirty approach, but could probably work…


Hi, i will try and i tell you. Thanks