MEP Connection

Hi guys

Last days I have been modeling MEP (water supply and drainage), and I am wondering how mature dynamo is ! to make auto-connect for Pipes when detect specific tolerance. I wish guys who been there to share their ideas.

Thank you all

Hello Mohammad,

What do you mean by auto-connect? Connect the pipes with what? other pipes? terminals?
You’ll have to give us some more information and share some work on what you’ve got thusfar.

Hi @T_Pover

1- yes connecting pipe with pipe (elbow, T-connector)
2- i didn’t start doing anything yet am not sure how to start, so i made this topic :blush:.

Thank you

Connecting pipes is possible, although you will need to use the Revit API to do this. Luckily there’s a package called ‘MEPover’ that has a few custom nodes that can take care of this somewhat.

Hopefully this will help you get started on something :slight_smile:


Hi @T_Pover

This is interesting , rly thank you for ur help, cheers man

I realized that this function requires the tubes to be at the same depth. Is there a way to connect them at different levels?