Create fitting between pipes by detailcurve

I’m currently trying to create fitting on the pipes that i created with detailcurves.
I can create the pipes but i can’t get the fittings to work.

What could i be doing wrong?

Hello @sven.deleau and welcome

Have you checked the routing preference if it’s correct ?

Can you share your rvt and dyn file?

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Hi @c.poupin,

I’ve checked all preferences to “All”.
I can’t attach the file’s because i have created a new account recently. i will try to upload it from my other account.

Hi @sven.deleau …you can upload via webtransfer, filetransfer or whatever, just insert the link here :wink:


13. Inlezen pipes.dyn (116.2 KB)

The revit file is in the wetransfer link because it was to big, even after purging all the unnecessary stuf.

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Does it worrk for you with MePovers node ???

That’s the node i’ve used. I “exploded” the node so i could see the error in the python script.

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OK…have tried to play around with some "passtrough nodes

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That might actually be a thing. i will try that

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Doesn’t seem to work. i even tried splitting up the scripts. Could i be using the wrong fittings and/or pipes?

ok…this one here work for me…

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@sovitek Brilliant!, somehow this works!

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