Pipes by lines and join pipes (with python)

I can already place the pipes in the lines that are selected (with python) , but I am not able to join the pipes and make the pipe fittings are placed. I need your help guys… some idea, I already tried to connect the connections of each pipe, but even together is not placed pipe fittings. I am thinking of trying to Trim / Extend but I can not find the package to perform this action with python.

I use MEPover but the options it has there don’t do exactly what I want to do.


Try selecting all your pipes and use Elbow.ByMEPCurves from MEPover package.

It worked, but I would like to put a different family than the one that was chosen. I searched RevitAPI and didn’t find how to raise a family I want. example


in this case with the 45 ° pipe was not created at junction

in this case with the 90 ° pipe the Te

Here you can see that he says the two fitings are Tee


I would like to use the command similar to “NewTeeFitting”

I would like to use the command similar to “NewTeeFitting” but i want to create a junction fittings

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If Routing Preferences isn’t using the fitting you like you can change the fitting to a specific type after it’s been created.